Friday, February 10, 2012

My Roku2 XS Experience

And off I went with my new Best-buy gift card in hand to the store! The new Roku's have been on my mind for awhile now, so with that said you can see what I had purchased.
Brought the unit back home, took it out of the box and was surprised at the size "Very small footprint", so I continue on and learn it comes with a composite cord which is great for if you have an older TV with just the older "Yellow-Video, Red-audio, White-audio" like most hotels still use this hooks right up. But for the better quality just pick up a decent hdmi cable and your good to hook into that high-def port and get watching.
I do have to say this was an excellent experience all around from just hooking it to the television to picking up my wifi signal. and from what I'm reading around the web there is plenty of private channels and all sorts of goodies being added all the time. So far very happy with this.

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