Saturday, February 11, 2012

Using a Proxy to Access Any WebSite from school or work

Many school classrooms primarily use computers and the �net to gather and save information.  More and more colleges are offering entire learning environments via a web-based medium where no physical classroom is even necessary.  Employers are also following suite and using the Internet as a mass communication tool for employers to interact electronically with one another with little cost.  With this significant increase in the �net�s usefulness, there has come about stronger laws governing exactly what content is distributed.

One such very popular proxy ( has become notoriously popular for allowing students to access Facebook (a popular social networking website) from their school internet connection.  Not only do proxies such as allow access to Facebook  from school and colleges, but they are also almost necessary to use in the work environment.  Employers are able to browse and track every single website their employees visits at work.  An anonymous web based proxy can ensure privacy when surfing the web.
Access to otherwise filtered websites, and securing browsing privacy are two great benefits of a CGI based anonymizer proxy.  Another great benefit, not to be overlooked, is also the security offered when browsing the net through a proxy.  As great of an educational tool the internet has become, it is also a nefarious medium for advertisers to distribute all sorts of unwanted advertisement including: spam, pop ups, viruses, and predominantly spyware.
 A CGI proxy allows anyone using it to block cookies that track browsing habits for these ads to ensure your computer�s safety, privacy, and right to browse the internet as it was meant to be seen: An uncensored medium.

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