Friday, March 23, 2012

Author Of Books

This is the problem that I seem to be "stuck" at, author of books. But the good ones "authors - writers", how can I filter out the good ones and pass that along to other potential readers that may have otherwise never heard of a particular  new author, like an independant "indie" author?

One method I was trying out is, putting some indie authors that had good backgrounds and writing styles to them, that I had liked, on the blog here as like an "Author Spot-Light" thing, but then I'm wondering to myself if this is worth the effort? It's like yelling into an empty room if there is no one there, how is any one going to get the information?

I'm no author myself by any means, but I like to support the indie cause and try to buy a book from one every few days, as I converse with some writers you begin to see what a process it is to try and self publish your work and then to promote, Etc., afterwards all while trying to think of the next novel or whatever you may write!

I would like to continue to do what I currently am, and support great independent authors!

I would also like to see how much traction this blog can pick up and take it from there.

I would appreciate any feedback anybody can give to this idea, rather you are an author, aspiring writer, reader, reviewer, whatever just let me know what you may like to see set up on the blog to help bring all this together, Thanks very much.


  1. Hey, Kelly, first thanks for following me (@phoenicianbooks) and esp. thanks for even WANTING to support Indie Authors just to support a "good cause" (rather than your getting something out of it).

    There are a lot of ways to support Indie Authors and having a blog is one but yeah, like you said, you gotta get the traction through here. To gather more readers of your blog who are interested in finding new Indie Authors, you might try doing 2 things:

    1) begin writing book reviews, rather than author interviews, and be sure your reviews show up on sites where Indie books are sold (Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, GoogleBooks etc.) I think you can post reviews to Apple's iBookstore even if you don't buy the book through them but possibly not. Getting reviews onto the Apple store is a huge Big Black Box to use Indies. Help us out and find a hack ;-)

    2) Join other book reader/reviewers in community based sites like Goodreads and Amazon's Shelfari or over on LibraryThing (I personally like Goodreads the best because it's more like a book club where readers talk about the books than a place where authors push their wares).

    If you want to promo books, you'll find a simple ad to authors will inundate you with "offers" but you might also trying joining with others/networks that are already out there--Indie Book Collective (#IBC) is small but growing and Indie Author Network (#IAN1) has the cross-promo thing down to an artform. Learn from these existing cross-promo groups rather than reinventing the wheel.

    And know you are doing a really good thing! Thank you! :) I have a SciFi Thriller coming out soon and would love a review. Tweet @phoenicianbooks if you want to get notified when it's (FINALLY!) released into the wild for your reading pleasure.


    1. First of all thanks for taking the time to read my blog post. Secondly, the wealth of knowledge you have left me in your comment will surely steer me in the direction I need to go! Once again thanks for all the info, always appreciated! Kelly