Saturday, March 10, 2012

How To Self Publish A Book

Preparing your self-published book? Here are five key points that are important for your success in this project. When you make simple mistakes or leave simple things out the result will seriously kill your success opportunity, specially when you are learning how to self publish a book.
Here are five important errors you must root out.

 1. Poor writing quality

It is easy to make errors with spelling, punctuation, typography and your use of English, specially when the subject is exciting for you. For example, the initial pages of your book should contain certain information such as the title, author, copyright, dates of publication, ISBN and other material. The format of this is quite easy to see from many books that you read. Getting this right shows that you have prepared a professional publication and one that will b emuch better respected. If you are uncertain anything about this layout and its information then consult a professional editor, it is well worth it.

2. Book Structure

Practically every publication is organized by Chapters, and that's what your readers will expect - do not disappoint them. Technical, informational or instruction books will benefit form a more detailed breakdown into sections or sub-chapters. If you do not provide a recognizable structure your reader will find the book too difficult to read and so will not recommend this to others.

3. Consistency

Thepoor relation of publishing. When writing a piece of fiction you must make notes about your characters and locations so that you are reliable with the details or you will have confused readers. If your publication is of a more technical nature then consistent use of fonts, and their variations, is important for helping the reader to understand the various parts of your book's information.

4. Design

The design of your book is helpful in establishing its position in the market as well as making it easy for the reader. Most books will be standard paperbacks - 7.8" by 5.1"/ 197mm x 130mm in size and yours should be too. Readers expect that size and yours should fit that expectation unless you have a very good reason. However, if your book is intended to be a reference book on the bookshelf of an office then it can easily be larger - up to Quarto or A4 depending upon your market.

The front cover design can be important too, especially in the paperback market. If you are producing a series then there should be consistency in design, otherwise the design should reflect some aspect of the subject matter or genre.

5. Planning your marketing and sales strategy

If you have followed the four points above you now have your book ready for sale. You now need to make your potential buyers aware that it is available. the online publisher you ise will list it on their sales site, but how do you get the message to the right people? This is where your marketing and promotional plan comes into play. You need to research and carry out your plan well. And if this is foreign territory for you do not hesitate to get some professional assistance. The first thing is to have some tempting advertisement text ready for the publisher's web pages. Second it's time to call in your friends and family, or colleagues if it is a specialist publication, for help. Now look outwards. How can you publicise your book using normal media and the Internet?

Following these notes you will not only understand more about How To Self Publish A Book but also be able to improve the quality of your publication and so achieve greater sales through effective promotion/advertising.


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