Monday, March 5, 2012

What is that, she said? An #indie author you know right?

What is that, she said? It's an indie (Independent) author I was reading about. Ohh, ok my Mom said, I didnt know what you meant by an indie author she had added. As I explained what little I know of the process to her she seemed quite surprised that practically anyone who has a writer / author ambition can have a book writtten and published out to a well known source such as Amazon and profit themselves off of that self created material, that otherwise would have to be submitted to a publishing powerhouse to review and be rejected without anyone ever seeing the material, which could have been great!

Now with the rise of the independent authoring going on, I'm coming across all genres of authors and material, it is quite amazing! When I used to think of horror books for instance I would have one well known author always pop into my mind, now I have several more that come first. And the same goes for other genres with the authors as well!

Now this got me thinking about that question that my mom had asked me, what was an indie author? I had thought to my self why would she not know what an independent author was? Then it hit me, I really didn't even know of these authors till it got passed on to me through word of mouth from friends!

This is when I had decided to ask around and see if any one else had come across some of these fantastic indie authors I found, but none of them had till i steered them in their direction. I had come to think that more of these independent writers needed to be placed in some sort of spot light, more or less to give them a little exposure to their style of writing, and to sponsor / purchase these authors books and efforts.

By no means am I a writer or anything near it, I just appreciate a good read once in awhile. I would like to show my appreciation by placing certain writers I find extremely worthy of reading, and should be considered when scouting about for a new read!

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