Friday, March 2, 2012

Author Talk "Spot light"

Spot Light is on Benjamin X. Wretlind this time!

Here is an author which I can appreciate, Ben from what I have read on his sites is sort of a 'Jack of all trades" if you will. He seemed to dabble in a little of everything from a fry cook, meteorologist to a room service attendant and everything in-between.

Now Ben is writing books and darn good ones at that! Benjamin on Amazon , Engaged and raising 5 kids

I wanted to put Ben in the spotlight this time around because of inspiration to me, and perhaps others. This kind of story just goes to show you that you can do whatever needs to be done & still accomplish your true passion, which for Ben is obviously writing, just take a look at his books hes already written, published and are now for sell on Amazon and elsewhere perhaps. I would personally like to say thanks Benjamin!

Benjamin X. wretlind, you've been Spot Lighted.

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